Burren Nature Sanctuary

Burren Nature Sanctuary

At the Burren Nature Sanctuary – also known as meadow of the fairies you will be charmed by the fairy woodland and homestead and the gentle trail to the disappearing lake (Turlough) which is also very rare as it is tidal! So too is Norman – the micro pig – unusual as he loves to put on his boots and go for a walk. Join him for his Sunday stroll with his best friend Frisky the orphaned kid goat. Enjoy our artisan café delights, breakfast, lunch or simply coffee while the kids play in either the indoor or outdoor play zones.

Interpretive Centre for the flora and fauna of the Burren, Burren walk, playgrounds, exhibition, café

Burren Nature Sanctuary is the Interpretive centre for the natural history of the Burren: Flora, fauna and karst geology. On the Burren walk you can learn about the rare and unusual botany and limestone karst formations, you can visit the disappearing lake that drains twice a day and meet the farm animals.

Children can play in the indoor nature themed play area or the state of the art playground and hunt for the fairy houses in the fairy woods. Adults can enjoy the indoor exhibition, the locally produced home food in the artisan cafe or sit with a cup of Tom Tom coffee by the waterfall in the Rock Garden.


About our food
Our food is lovingly prepared by our fabulous cook who has put her heart and soul into every delicious mouthful. It is sourced carefully from local producers if possible. Salads and seasonable vegetables are grown on our IOFGA certified organic farm. Our eggs are produced a couple of miles away at Poultaggle Organic Farm. We have a ‘no fryer, no fizzy pop’ policy and aim to provide delicious, healthy, happy, fresh food. See our website for the full menu.

Open February to December 10am – 6pm daily


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